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At Dr Bonnes we have a passion for health ... your health.


We believe that you are what you eat. 

This is why we develop healthy and natural products that will:

Dr Bonnes
 is the founding father of the company Fancy Bee.
As doctor with more than 40 years of experience having seen people with obesity and cancer and other ailments, he decided to research new ways of improving your health and this is how the Dr Bonnes products came to life. 

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Dr Bonnes Chocolate


Dr Bonnes Hunger Quieting Belgian Chocolate is a tasteful Belgian chocolate that helps you lose weight.
Healthy, light and sugar-free (no glucose added) for everyone who tries to lose weight!
Milk or black. Minimum of 5 bars per purchase.


Immudeport Plus


Food supplement based on papaya and pomegranate concentrate.
Has a positive effect on cancer cells and the immune system.
Acts also as an antioxydant and helps you fight free radicals.




Dymfood® is a real solution to overweight problems.
It is a unique natural hunger-quieting product based on an extract of a very specific pinetree pit.